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Game Description:
Whack a mole action game! Hit the mole by click your mouse!
Mole monsters invade the peaceful farms, the mole monsters proliferate to ruin the elaborately cultivated field.
Kick out the mole monsters without missing to save our farms!
Now it’s time to show your ‘instant reaction’ to kick out the mole monsters.
Up for a challenge? Whack a mole is an exciting, challenging and a very addicting new game.

Your objective: Whack those moles! moles are infecting your farm. Whack them when they pop out of the holes. BUT, be careful! You might hit a mole with special nailed hats. The game is fast paced where you have a score objective and limited time. It is snowing so keep an eye under the falling sheet of snow. Increasing levels don’t just speed up the mole appearing and disappearing speeds. That would be too dull. The increased levels also add additional holes. Yay!

Game Features:
- Moles with caps
- Moles with nailed hats

How to play:
Press mouse left key to hit.